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multimedia exhibition

From modernism
to avant-garde

multimedia exhibition 6+
starts on May 31, 2021

Malevich, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Klee, Gris, Munch gain new life with the help of digital technology.

The exhibition of modernists is a trip into the world of art at the end of the XIX – beg.of the XX centuries, when culture and society get over a real revolution. At this time, the connection between reality and its image on the canvas are breaking up- instead of copying the surrounding world, artists are translating their own vision of the world. 

The immersive exhibition “From Modernism to Avant-Garde” plunge the spectator into the Suprematist compositions of Kazimir Malevich, which as he claims are an act of “pure creativity”, equalizing the creative power of the Man and the Nature. And the intense geometric compositions of Vasily Kandinsky in Cinema360 ​​format will allow free associations. Pictures of modernists often contain riddles, forcing us to wander through a labyrinth and open up a source of meaning where tradition sees only chaos and nonsense. 

Those pictures easily reach new horizons with the help of digital technologies - after all, a hundred years ago, it was the creativity of the modernists that was the first stage of this technological future.

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multimedia exhibition6+
starts on May 31, 2021

Cinema360 — this is a total multimedia installation, immersing the spectator into the sensual world of masterpieces created by great artists. The images are projected on huge screens and on the floor as well. The total area of the projection is about 1200 sq. m.


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