Art 2.0. Neuroartist

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Art 2.0

multimedia exhibition 6+
starts on July 8, 2023

On July 8, Artplay Media Center for Digital Art will open the revolutionary exhibition "Art 2.0. Neuroartist", where world-famous masterpieces meet artificial intelligence.

The exhibition is not only a visual series, but also a story that the artificial intelligence tells about itself. A neural network will tell you what it thinks is beautiful and what is not; what is the secret of brilliant artists - the talent or the virtuoso mastery of anatomy, geometry and perspective; and finally, whether a neuroartist can replace a human creator. The text for the voice-over is written with the help of the Russian neural network Retext.ai

"Our team together with our partners did a lot of work to understand the preferences and capabilities of neural networks. It took more than a year to create the project," says Yasha Mokhnacheva-Yavorskaya, Creative Director of Artplay Media Center. - The use of artificial intelligence to work simultaneously with images and artistic text is a groundbreaking research in the field of techno-art. The result of this experiment is the project "Art 2.0.", which made it possible to share with a wide range of viewers a visual idea of where the development of neural networks stands, draw our own conclusions, and try to look into the future."

The process of creating this exhibition is a fascinating story in itself. The neural network used to create the exhibition was trained on a dataset of thousands of famous paintings, resulting in a unique blend of familiar style and new creative elements. The result is a visual show of incredible works of art that are brand new but retain the essence of the original masterpieces.

Visitors to the exhibition can see familiar works of art in a completely new light as the neural network adds new textures, colors and shapes to the original images. The result is thought-provoking and visually stunning.

At the exhibition you will see masterpieces by Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, René Magritte, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Alphonse Mucha, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Kazimir Malevich and many others modified by the neural network.

The exhibition also includes a section dedicated to art entirely created by a neural network. Inspired by the works of famous contemporary artists such as Takashi Murakami and the colorful world of Pokémon, the neural network has created a series of abstract works exploring themes of cyberpunk and futurism. 

The exhibition "Art 2.0. Neuroartist" promises to be a unique experience for art lovers and technology enthusiasts alike. It is an opportunity to experience the possibilities of the neural network and explore the limits of creativity in the digital age.

Come and enjoy the beauty of art in a new light!

The exhibition will be on view from July 8 through September 9, 2023 at Artplay Media Center, 10 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya St., Building 2, Entrance 2A, 2nd Floor. 


INFO: Artificial Intelligence is a sophisticated intelligent computer program capable of implementing applied tasks and the process of gathering information just as scientists and humans do. AI experimenters are currently working on deep learning algorithms based on neural network algorithms and using new memory capabilities for a variety of activities and systems. This approach provides high efficiency when computers need to work like humans. Researchers believe that computers will be able to pass the Turing test by demonstrating high speed, logical and secure communication similar to human beings. New breakthroughs in artificial intelligence research are expected in this direction. There has long been a serious debate about the role artificial intelligence plays in today's world, highlighting its importance and relevance.

*announcement of the exhibition "Art 2.0. Neuroartist" is also written with the help of a neural network.

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multimedia exhibition6+
starts on July 8, 2023

Cinema360 — this is a total multimedia installation, immersing the spectator into the sensual world of masterpieces created by great artists. The images are projected on huge screens and on the floor as well. The total area of the projection is about 1200 sq. m.


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