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Interactive exhibitions are a modern and fascinating way to study history and art.
The main thing about such exhibitions – the viewer is involved in the process – he can touch the artefacts, listen to the audio guide, participate in a master class or leave his feedback.
Participation allows to take a new look at museums and galleries – now it is about edutainment (education + entertainment).
Artplay Media Digital Art Center presents colorful multimedia exhibitions in a "living canvases" format.You don’t have to leave your city to get acquainted with the works of outstanding artists of the past. Several projects about different eras and artistic trends are on display in the exhibition hall at once.
Through unique Cinema 360 technology, projectors features images onto walls and floors, and music or the narrator’s voice helps to immerse into the atmosphere of the art. The team of the center make each project with a great attention to smallest details, so that what you see at the exhibition will leave a lasting impression on everyone and make you come back to Artplay again.
Virtual reality
  1. At the exhibition «Michelangelo. Sistine Chapel» explore all the fine details of the frescoes that up to 10,000 people come to see in the Vatican every day

  2. meet the enigmatic "father of surrealism" in the project «Hieronymus Bosch. Professor of Nightmares»

  3. Discover more about 16th century Dutch life at the exhibition «Peter Bruegel. The World Turned Upside Down»

  4. follow the life and work of the great Russian marine painter with the project «I am Aivazovsky»

  5. with the story «Gustav Klimt. Gold of Art Nouveau» immerse into the world of rich colors and ornaments of the Austrian painter

  6. with the project «Van Gogh. Letters to Theo» hear the touching story of the artist, whose paintings are among the most recognizable in the world

  7. at the exhibition «French Impressionism» see the world as Renoir, Degas, Monet and their contemporaries imagined it

  8. with the project «From Modernism to Avant-garde» trace the main stages of development of the two trends at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries with the works of Malevich, Gris, Munch, and others

  9. Ознакомьтесь со взглядом современных живописцев
    на Слово в программе «Медиатор»

  10. Изучите влияние российских художников середины XX века на современных творцов в проекте «Московский концептуализм. Связь»

Artplay Media Digital Art Center presents stories about the life and work of famous artists.
Multimedia projects are a vivid spectacle, allowing to experience new emotions and get inside the works of art.
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