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corporate events

Space for rent
The space can be used for presentations, corporate evens, workshops, parties etc. The rental price may include the cost of a multimedia exhibition. We can also create content for your event.
You can ask all the questions
to Andrey Makeev by mail
Схема комплеса
  1. floor entrance

  2. entrance to the hall

  3. exhibition hall

  4. entrance to multimedia room

  1. multimedia room Прим

  2. access to the balcony

  3. outdoor balcony 800 m2

  4. cafe


450 м2

ceiling height

3,7 м

multimedia room

530 м2

ceiling height

7,5 м

total area

980 м2


multimedia room - presentation room with 360-degree screens and a balcony

Схема комплеса
bl1 2810x1200
bl2 2520x1200
gr1-1, gr1-2 1920x1200
gr2-1, gr2-2 1640x1200
or1 1024x1080
or2, 3, 4 1374x1080
txt1, 2 1920x560
bf.c, br.c 560x1200
bf.l, bf.r, br.l, br.r 560x1200
floor 4800x3840
panorama 2560x720
sit-down dinner
in the multimedia space
max 250 guests
sit-down dinner
presentation space
max 200 guests
stand-up buffet
in the multimedia space
max 500 guests
stand-up buffet
presentation space
max 300 guests
75 kW
16A 32A
Rental price includes

Presentation equipment of the multimedia hall:

  1. 40 projectors, 14 screens (size/layout upon demand)

  2. two 50-watt active speakers, а mixer, 2 wireless microphones

  3. 125 ottomans, 40x40x40 cm

  4. Corporate Wi-Fi (leased line may be offered upon agreement)


  1. Two auxiliary rooms (can be used for catering, changing, office or other purposes)

  2. Cloackroom for 300 guests (October through May)

  3. Open balcony smoking area

  4. Five free parking lots

  5. Branded signposts may be installed throughout the space area and outside, in the communal grounds before the entrance

  6. Entry of transport facilities during installation and dismantling periods by special guest lists


  1. Cloackroom attendant

  2. Technician

  3. Administrator

  4. Extra personnel can be provided upon agreement: elevator attendant

  5. Extra personnel can be provided upon agreement: elevator attendant

  6. Extra personnel can be provided upon agreement: elevator attendant

Food and drinks can be delivered from the in-house restaurants and cafes at Artplay Center. We have no fines or corking fees; catering can be outsourced
We provided our space for:

We provided our space for:

  1. Adidas

  2. Autentica

  3. Cinzano

  4. Disney

  5. Faberlic

  6. Honor

  7. Jacobs

  8. Russia Today

  9. Splat

  10. documentary series and ‘Moments of Happiness’ concert of Mikhail Kozukhov's Travelers Club

  11. Laboratoire INNOTECH International

  12. Youth National Film Awards

  13. Moskomarkhitektura

  14. The presentation of the official match ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

  15. the presentation of 1968:Digital

  16. Rosatom

  17. Rostelekom

  18. TNT-4

  19. Golden Mask Festival

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