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rental license

Open a digital museum in your city!
This is easier than you think! We are offering a ready-made business model, which has been working since 2014 and has already proved its efficiency and profitability. We adapt an exhibition to suit the chosen space and provide the needed support all the way up to the opening ceremony and first visitors.
What is rental license?


  1. International recognition of the brand; wide geography

  2. Recognizable design; wide content variety

  3. Support in choosing locations; audit of potentially suitable facilities

  4. Detailed specification and estimated cost of equipment

  5. Provision of technical documentation for equipment installation

  6. Technical support; supervised installation

  7. Technical and administrative personnel training

  8. Guides to exhibition and advertisement style (package of designs)

  9. Advertising campaign set-up support; strategic marketing plans

  10. Advice at every stage of project launch and supervision during the performance

Our wide international experience enables us to offer a business platform that will pave the way to your success. The digital museum will become a bright spot on your city map and the immersive exhibitions shown there will be an integral part of cultural and tourist amenities you city can offer in the context of the fast-growing economy.
If you want to invite any of our exhibitions to your city, please contact us at exhibitions@artplay.ru
more than 600%
По Москве
180 000
visitors per year
average time
before opening
from 2 months
from defining location
payback period
from 6 months
По москве

according to statistics gathered in Moscow by the Artplay Media Center for Digital Art

Key requirements for locations
Our exhibitions perfectly fit spaces larger than 200 sq. m. with ceiling heights of 4 meters and higher (preferably rectangular in plan and without columns). Among the better are spaces with changeable functions such as shopping centers, business centers, hotels, storage facilities, hangars, historical buildings (mansions, temples, architectural monuments) etc..
minimum hire term
for exhibitions
1 month
optimal hire period
for business projects
6 months and longer

Multimedia exhibitions are

  1. Content easily absorbed by audiences of all ages

  2. Large volumes of information presented in an interesting and popular manner

  3. A tool to attract tourists, consumers and partners

  4. Easily incorporated into operating business models (shopping and entertainment centers)

  5. A cutting-edge means of art exposure

  6. A huge PR potential

  7. Multifunctional spaces that can be easily transformed into a trade show, lecture hall or club

  8. Interchangeable in one click: you can save on dismantling and reinstallation

  9. An opportunity to create your own unique content

By now, we have been responsible for the production of 12 unique exhibitions:
Since 2014, our exhibitions have travelled to a dozen cities:
  1. Moscow – Artplay Design Center in Moscow is a hub from of which all new projects are launched.

  2. St. Petersburg

  3. Tula

  4. Samara

  5. Yekaterinburg

  6. Minsk, Belorussia

  7. Riga, Latvia

  8. Berlin, Germany

  9. Deli, India

  10. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  11. Prague, Czech Republic

  12. Wales

Exhibition rental license
Artplay Media changes the traditional understanding of art. The digital museum we have created is a transformative new way of displaying the oeuvres by the Old Masters.It is an innovative space that interweaves giant images with 3D sound.Cinema 360 multimedia technology transfers you to the very heart of art, bringing you to an incredible trip within the masterpieces.The idea behind the digital museum brings together art, history and cutting-edge technologies:we do not only show the world-famous artworks in tiniest detail but reproduce the context of an era in which their brilliant authors lived and thus letting to know them better.
We started creating our exhibitions in 2014, and since then have received great amounts of positive feedback, travelled to a dozen cities, where our exhibitions were seen by over 1 million people. We create our exhibitions in close collaboration with leading Russian and international museums and art historians. Best digital art designers work hard to turn every exhibition into a perfectly synchronized symphony of visuals and sound.
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