Show "Harp in the Dark"


Show "Harp in the Dark"
on Van Gogh exhibition

event 6+
starts on July 4, 2024

On July 4 at 21.00, the Digital Arts Center Artplay Media will host a unique event - a concert "Harp in the Dark" against the background of multimedia exhibitions of French Impressionists and Van Gogh. The composer and performer is Olga Maximova.

The audience will experience an hour and a half show in which the meditative music of the harp perfectly complements the animated paintings of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet, Renoir and Signac, while the image of the harpist emerges from the darkness with the help of ultraviolet light and special make-up.

Olga Maximova's shows are regularly held at the St. Petersburg Planetarium and the Mikhailovsky Castle. Over the past 5 years this performance has become legendary in St. Petersburg, because it was with him that the project "Classics in the dark" began, of which the harpist is a resident.

Laureate of international competitions, Olga Maximova is a composer and the only harpist in Russia who plays two harps simultaneously.

In her performances she combines refinement and modernity of sound, uses various technical effects to embellish the sound, combines the rhythm and bass line of the electric harp with delicate melodies.
Olga Maximova creates a completely new sound at the intersection of academism and jazz. She has performed at such venues as the Vienna Dreams International Competition (Austria), Europe Music Art (Finland), the Scarlet Sails and Open Windows festivals, concerts on rooftops and at many other venues in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

We invite you to an unforgettable show where the author's music and the art of the recognized masters of impressionism will merge in unison. 

Age restriction 10+

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starts on July 4, 2024

Cinema360 — this is a total multimedia installation, immersing the spectator into the sensual world of masterpieces created by great artists. The images are projected on huge screens and on the floor as well. The total area of the projection is about 1200 sq. m.


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