The Digital Art Center (DAC) Artplay Media is changing the usual approach to our exhibitions: now, when you buy one ticket you can see two exhibitions at once.

The total duration  of both exhibitions is around an hour.  We  will gradually include all the company's projects Artplay Media: "Gustav Klimt. Gold of Modernism", "French Impressionists", "From modernism to the avant-garde", "Michelangelo. The Sistine chapel", "Van Gogh. Letters to Theo", "Bosch. Professr of nightmares", "Peter Bruegel. Inverted world", "Cosmos. Love", multimedia performance "I – Aivazovsky", adapted to the new format Cinema360. 

Cinema360 is a totally multimedia installation that immerses the spectator in the sensual world of images created by great artists. 

The image is projected not only on the screens, but also on the floor. 

The total area of the projection is over 1200 sq. m.


The information hall will feature exhibitions of contemporary art. The new concept of DAC includes not only the program of immersive exhibitions, but also film screenings, concerts, lectures about art, different performances using digital technologies. Schedule of our exhibitions changes every day. 

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