Moscow conceptualism. The link.

The exhibition shows the connection of the young generation of artists with the legacy of the school of Moscow conceptualism.

One of the goals of the exhibition project is to promote modern trends in art and fix the meaning of concepts, terms, phenomena and strategies of XX-XXI centuries. for the large audience

From the 80s of the last century to the present time, a group of Moscow artists, poets and art theorists began to collect documentations of their work, called the "Moscow Archive of New Art". As a result we receive a series of folders and collections that included texts, documentary photographs, handmade books, fictional documents, illustrations, and finally the work of artists. By the time, those archives became self-valuable and turned into a piece of art.

The project " Moscow conceptualism. The link.” combines a vision of the future of contemporary Russian art scene and archival materials of the older generation of artists.

Succession, as a sign of good taste and as a tribute to the classical tradition creates and strengthens links between artists, helps to convey experience and build new parallels.

The ideological inspirer of the project – the curator and Commissioner of the Moscow Biennale of contemporary art – Joseph Bakstein.

The project was realised with the assistance and support of the cultural Foundation "EKATERINA"; the curator and director of the MANI (Moscow Archive of New Art) Museum and E. K. Artbyuro - Elena Kuprinol-Lyakhovich; the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).

The Organizers and curators of this project express their gratitude to all Moscow conceptualists.

Participating at the exhibition:

  • Natalia Alexander
  • Kirill Arsenyev
  • Olga Butenop
  • Barbara Grinkova
  • Dasha Gusakova
  • Paruyr Davtyan
  • Nastya Regal
  • Eva Zhigalova
  • Alice Yoffe
  • Alexander Kiselev
  • Irina Kravchina
  • Alexander Kuznetsov
  • Valentina Makarova
  • Yasha Mokhnacheva-Yavorskaya
  • Marina Rudenko
  • Maxim Santalov
  • Any Sautina
  • Katya Solodina

The exhibition also presents:

  • Andrey Filippov's work;
  • the object of the action of “Collective Action”;
  • archival materials provided by the cultural Foundation “Ekaterina” and the MANI Museum and E. K. Artbyuro.