Nostalgia for the present

The need for sincerity, humanity, the genuine sensation of being alive instead of merely existing. Why is it so inherent in human beings to live in the past or the future and miss what is here and now? “Nostalgia for the present” is an explorative exhibition, an artistic reminder to the viewer and the artist that the most significant things lay not in a geographical or chronological distance, but right next to them. It was characteristic of the postmodernism of the 70s and 80s to use citations from the past and reprocess earlier artworks. Thus, these days, artists are struggling to overcome this stage of unfinished postmodernism. They are feeling for the foundation of the new art that is free of distortion and implausibility of emotions and expressions. Nostalgia, like a cry for help, invokes the assertion of simple joy and peace. Nostalgia for the present is not a yearning for something long gone. It is a hope that we are still capable of casting away the social masks, spiritual desolation, and disappointment with the contemporaneity. There is no use in awaiting the sensation of the authenticity of living, or, on the other hand, believing it to be lost. We can regain it only by reminding ourselves that we are still alive and able to experience true emotions: a great joy or an overwhelming sorrow, bad weather, or, obviously, love. The reference to a famous poem by Andrey Voznesensky in the name of the project connects two supposedly entirely different eras. However, nowadays, the issue of longing for truth and freedom is more acute than ever. The presented artworks are a synthesis of different components of our reality, their reassessment and expression. Each artist finds their way to express their true self and appeal to the viewer’s sincerity.
This is a total multimedia installation, immersing the spectator into the sensual world of masterpieces created by great artists. The images are projected on huge screens and on the floor as well. The total area of the projection is about 1200 sq. m.
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